What is QuestCore?

QuestCore is a role-playing game for your amazing stories. It is a new smart RPG system that is easy to learn and fast to play.

Made for players who like d20 based games, like Dungeons and Dragons, but want better and faster rules. No more 200 pages of rules you don't need or use! QuestCore is written in English but several translations are planned.

With Skip "The Sage" Williams!

We have also convinced Skip "The Sage" Williams (co-creator of the third edition of Dungeons and Dragons) to write the first adventure which will serve as an introduction to QuestCore (and the StormRing setting).

Who made this game?

We have art by Andrei Pervukhin (and some other artists), Skip "The Sage" Willliams for the first adventure, Penny Williams as editor (supplements), Swedish RPG legend Mikael Börjesson as rules consultant. Game design, writing, graphic design, proof reading, layout, web design and music are all done inhouse by our small team.


QuestCore has been in development for a long time - with many appearances on gaming conventions so it has been playtested alot.

What do the players think about the game?

Some reactions from playtesters:

"What I love most is the easy character generation."

"One of the best DnD inspired games in the world of RPGs."

" solutions that really gives a better game play."

What is included in the game?

To play this game system you just need one or more friends and a 12-sided die. With these rules you can play any kind of role-playing game such as fantasy, science fiction or horror.

QuestCore offers all the rules you need to start playing. If you don’t want to create your own world and adventures you can buy ready-made background material and adventures (from Megaton Games or other gaming companies).

QuestCore highlights

Quickly create every creature for your fantasy, sci-fi or horror game - even on the fly!

The gamemaster and the players uses the same simple system to build everything from wizards and dragons to stormtroopers and jedi knights.

Creatures are built with three basic parts: Attributes, Skills and Abilities (see below).

Inspired by d20 and Dungeons and Dragons to name a few – new ideas but easy to use other source books and adventures.

Quick and tactical conflict system without turning into boring ”ping-pong”.

All conflicts (even magic and social attacks) uses the same basic skill system – no need for complicated sub-systems.

Easily expandable by adding new abilities.

Uses only a 12-sided die throughout the game. No more huge dice pools or many different dice for different situations.

Attributes, Skills and Abilities

What are Attributes?

They are the basic statistics for a creature. A guard might be described as Strong (Strength +1) and Unintelligent (Intelligence -1). The other stats need not be stated (as they are all at 0). You simply add the bonus to the rolls involving that attribute.

What are Skills?

Skills are things you learn. A creature can ”train” a skill and get a bonus of +2 when using that skill. Very easy to learn and use. You can also choose to specialize in skills to get a small bonus – examples include ”Attack Blades” and ”Knowledge Nature”.

What are Abilities?

Abilities are all the special traits that a character or other creature in the world might have. Examples of abilities are Sweeping Attack, Improved Initiative, and Great Speed. Abilities might also be magical abilities such as a magic fireball spell and racial abilities such as natural armour.

What is included in the game?

The game itself includes all the rules you need to start playing. Rules for creating characters and monsters, skills and conflict resolution, abilities for fantasy and other genres etc. This Kickstart edition also includes a brand new chapter with basic info / basic guidelines for playing a fantasy game - including some (4-7?) ready-made monsters, equipment list (weapons and basic adventuring gear), and a few extra goodies (sample dungeon maps etc).